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Our signature VIP Service specializes in providing you with a superior precious metal investment experience, as hands on, or off, as you want it to be.

Many clients simply request a percentage of their portfolio turned over to gold for strategic asset allocation purposes, leaving our VIP Service brokers to make expert decisions on their behalf, building a metals investment portfolio perfectly suited to your needs.

Other high net worth customers, such as family offices and wealth management entities, look to have new and existing investments spread across multiple ultra-secure gold storage vaults, where good delivery chain of custody or location swaps must be carried out to exacting detail.

As is increasingly common, it may be that a client wants part of a portfolio to be highly liquid to allow for emergencies or sudden relocation – with the remainder of their investment in larger bars held in a separate confidential accounts.

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In all cases, our experienced team will know the best available solution from a value, security and tax efficiency point of view.”

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Strategic Asset Allocation for Security, Wealth Preservation and Return

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Precious metals investing can be incredibly straight forward – not to mention profitable – when you take advantage of our pre-packaged and tailored portfolios.

With portfolios starting at $10,000, you can be assured we have a ready to go, or fully tailored package to suit any pocket or need.

Expert guidance is available nationwide through our VIP Service hotline.

Our VIP Service brokers will guide you through all available options – with absolutely no pressure – ensuring you end up with the perfect package of precious metals in your portfolio.

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Ultimate Choice

We can acquire metals from a wide range of refineries and mints thanks to our global network of contacts and strong buying power.

Be it internationally recognized big-name brands, generic bars from LBMA listed manufacturers, or less well known offerings from smaller refineries with low premiums, we will ensure you have access to an excellent choice of product.


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