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HNWI Offers Worldwide Ultra-Secure Bullion Vaulting

HNWI provides clients a global selection in ultra-secure private bullion storage, with all vaults granting clients allocated bullion ownership that are not subject to the confiscation risks inherent in the banking system.

With the option of multiple secure state of the art facilities on every continent, this means your metals can be stored or moved to multiple locations that best suit your lifestyle as well as your strategic asset allocation, wealth preservation or tax-planning goals.

Private, secure, and allocated storage are at the heart of our vaulting options, with the majority of our clients choosing to store their investments offshore in relation to their country of residence.

Our top recommendation for security, privacy and tax-efficiency would be to opt for storage in our Dubai HQ vault.

Our Dubai vaulting facility has been dubbed “The most secure vault in the Middle East and one of the top-5 most secure vaults in the world.”

Ultra-Secure Bullion Vaulting Dubai

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