Fully Custom Precious Metals Packages

In order to help our clients that are seeking to invest a specific amount in precious metals, our expert brokerage and wealth management team has created a number of VIP service packages for your review and consideration.

Our packages start at only $10,000, each focused on a specific risk / reward balance and investment goal.
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Contact us at (888) 861-2208 toll-free to discuss any of the portfolios below in greater detail, and get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction.

Beginner Portfolio

Beginner Portfolio $10,000

Your Beginner portfolio addresses the need to invest in precious metals that have the opportunity to achieve immediate profit potential. It also represents the beginning of your journey into the world of precious metals. A diverse collection of all precious metals types will ensure your portfolio is primed for a potentially healthy return.

Diversification Portfolio

Diversification Portfolio $50,000

At the Diversification level, this will allow you to diversify a percentage of your portfolio holdings into precious metals. Our specialists will personalize a package for you that will protect you against inflation. Including this asset class in your portfolio will also provide stability and growth where your other investments currently do not.

Retirement Portfolio

Retirement Portfolio $100,000

The Retirement level was developed with individual retirement plan support in mind. This package personalized by our specialists is geared towards providing the best return, inflation protection, and a hedge against economic uncertainty. This package will also be diversified into precious metals with minimal risk and on the desired timeline to access your funds.

Advanced Portfolio

Advanced Portfolio $250,000

The Advanced level is specifically tailored for either high net worth individuals and families or institutional investors who need, or simply want, to assume advanced positions in precious metals and insure their long-term wealth building. This package will be specifically customized to meet the financial needs of each investor, thus helping you achieve your precious metal financial goals

Ultimate Portfolio

Ultimate Portfolio $500,000+

Our most advanced investment vehicle, The Ultimate Portfolio was designed specifically for very and ultra high net worth individuals. Combining the attributes of our Retirement and Advanced packages, the Master Portfolio is specifically personalized for your greater investment goals, factoring in investment location, liquidity, and tax considerations for global clients.


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